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Here is a listing of all ongoing projects which are yet to be released into the wastelands.


[edit] Aequitas

Aequitas is still in progress, but a good deal of work and planning has already been done.

Creators: Viktor, Brennan, Kurtz

[edit] Las Vegas

Las Vegas roads and some buildings has been put in but due to the immense size of the city progress it not to be made until perhaps 2030.

Creators: Everyone

[edit] Highpool

The burnt and gutted out village of Highpool is to be rebuilt by the Ranger Corps of Engineers.

Creators: Kurtz

[edit] Oil Tanker

A mysterious Oil Tanker ran aground many years ago on the Dark Coast.

Creators: Brennan

[edit] Quartz

The current Quartz is only filler material for a bigger scope of things. The new Quartz is nothing short of awesome.

Creators: Mercy

[edit] Needles

The current Needles is lacking and needs more work.

Creators: Lucus, Brennan

[edit] Eltain

Somewhat active city along the west coast.

Craetors: Calvin, Zengel

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