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Below is a list of new combat abilities that Brennan might be coding in the near future. Feel free to add any comment to help balance out the abilities.

Ranged[ ]

Scattershot[ ]

  • Skill: Shotgun 150%
  • Desc: You aim carefully, taking into account range, and make a shot designed to hit the most enemies possible.
  • Effect: Damage x1 to all targets in room. No critical possible.
  • Uses: 1MA, 40PA, 1 bullet
  • Cooldown: 55 Sec

Preciseshot[ ]

  • Skill: Rifle 50% or Assault Rifle 50%
  • Desc: You focus on the sights of your weapon, making a precise shot that is sure to hit.
  • Effect: Modified attack roll of 200%, at Damage x0.5, no critical.
  • Uses: 1MA, 30PA, 1 bullet.
  • Cooldown: 30 Sec

Snipeshot[ ]

  • Skill: Rifle 200%, Perception 150%
  • Desc: After observation of the enemy, you make a shot designed to critically wound the enemy.
  • Effect: Damage x4 at modified attack roll 120%. No Critical.
  • Uses: 50MA, 100PA, 1 bullet, must be prone, must NOT be in combat.
  • Cooldown: 180 Sec

Tripletap[ ]

  • Skill: Small Arms 150%
  • Desc: Using your skills with a pistol, you execute the Mozambique Drill, which is a series of shots, of which, two to the body, and one to the head. Due to the difficulty of executing this in combat, there is a high chance that this will miss. If you use this, you are unable to use doubletap afterwards.
  • Effect: 3 attacks with a pistol, the first being 110% accuracy, 60% accuracy, and 15% accuracy with a critical.
  • Uses: 1MA, 60PA, 3 Bullets
  • Cooldown: 90 Sec

Poisonarrow[ ]

  • Skill: Bow 80%, Medical Science 70%
  • Desc: You reach into a specially prepared arrow container that has poison arrows, and make a shot.
  • Effect: Damage x1, 1d20 chance vs CHR+IQ to poison target on hit
  • Uses: 1MA per 5% skill, 40PA, 1 arrow
  • Cooldown: 60 Sec

Explosivearrow[ ]

  • Skill: Bow 150%
  • Desc: You reach into a specially prepared arrow container containing explosive arrows, and make a shot.
  • Effect: Damage x1 to all targets in room.
  • Uses: 1MA per 5% skill, 50PA, 1 arrow
  • Cooldown: 120 Sec

Barrage[ ]

  • Skill: Heavy Weapons 300%
  • Desc: You unleash a furious attack with your heavy weapon, emptying it fully of all ammunition.
  • Effect: Damage x3 to all targets in room
  • Uses: 10MA, 100PA, full clip of what's in the weapon.
  • Cooldown: 300 Sec

Melee[ ]

Powerstrike[ ]

  • Skill: Melee weapon skill 80%
  • Desc: A heavy-handed swing with your two-handed weapon.
  • Effect: Damage x2 at accuracy 60%
  • Uses: 1PA per 3% skill, 2-handed, Switches to Aggressive
  • Cooldown: Up to 70 Sec, but lower depending on STR and Level

Highkick[ ]

  • Skill: Unarmed 100%, Acrobatics 70%
  • Desc: You spin around, and kick your opponent. In the teeth!
  • Effect: Damage x1 + Bonus damage of 1HP per 10% skill in Acrobatics. No Critical.
  • Uses: 1MA, 1PA per 2% skill in acrobatics, switches to Aggressive
  • Cooldown: Up to 100 Sec, but lower depending on REF and Level

Other[ ]

Confusion[ ]

  • Skill: Medical Science 150%
  • Desc: You throw a dart filled with drugs at your opponent, the result of causes confusion.
  • Effect: Damage x0.5, 1d100 vs IQ for stun, 1d20 vs IQ+CHA chance to seal combat abilities for 100 seconds.
  • Uses: 100MA, 100PA
  • Cooldown: 120 Sec

Electroshock[ ]

  • Skill: Demolitions 100%
  • Desc: You suddenly fire a taser in the middle of combat, dealing shock damage.
  • Effect: Damage based on skill. 1 Damage for every 3% in skill level. No criticals. 1d100 vs IQ+CHR for chance to stun.
  • Uses: 100MA, 20PA, need taser in inventory
  • Cooldown: 100 Sec

Pilfer[ ]

  • Skill: Suberfuge 50%
  • Desc: By sleight of hand, the thief steals a small amount money from his intended target, with his nimble fingers.
  • Effect: Obtains amount of money from target based on skill. Failure to steal makes target attack you. Cannot be used in PvP
  • Uses: 50MA, 50PA
  • Cooldown: 100 Sec