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Commands to use this system are still being developed and will be detailed when ready.

At STEM levels 3,8,13,18,23,28,33 and 38, you will receive 1 Augmentation Point to spend.

There are four augmentation categories: Survival, Psionics, Mutation and Cybernetics

At level 3 you pick your 'main' augmentation category. At level 28 you can supplement this with either a second category, or continue with your primary category. The higher level augmentations may have a large number of precursors, so the only way you can get the final augmentations is by forgoing the opportunity to branch out.

Currently, to access the augmentation system for use and testing (we don't guarantee that it works entirely, and if it breaks, we're sorry):

  • auglist to see what augs are available.
  • augadd to add an aug on the list that is available to you.

Total Augmentation Points[ ]

  • Level 3: 1 point in one category
  • Level 8: 2 points
  • Level 13: 3 points
  • Level 18: 4 points
  • Level 23: 5 points
  • Level 28: 6 points and optional access to a second category
  • Level 33: 7 points
  • Level 38: 8 points

Mutation[ ]

Your immune system, weakened by residual fallout in the desert, has been unable to stave off advances of the REV (rapid evolution virus). Your biological structure has changed in sometimes not-so-subtle ways.

  • Glowing Skin: Your body emits a ghastly green glow. You are able to find your way in complete darkness but also stand out like a sore thumb.
  • Waterbreathing: Using the gills on your neck, you can filter oxygen out of water environments.
  • Cannibalize: You may now feast on the raw meat of your fallen prey.
  • Brick Wall (Mut3): +1 Constitution
  • Regeneration (Mut4, Med10): Your passive health regeneration rate is doubled but your metabolism rate is quintupled. Also allows access to the 'regenerate' command.
  • Hyperactive: Your physical action pool is three ranks higher.
  • Thorny Hide (Mut4): You have a 40% chance of reflecting 20% of the damage dealt to you in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Mutant Strength (Mut3): +1 Strength
  • Venomspit (Mut3, Thi10): Spit Blinding Venom at your enemy. Enemy accuracy reduced by 20%

Psionics[ ]

Your pineal gland has developed, allowing you to pick up and read the trace electromagnetic energies given off by biological entities.

  • Pain Reading (Med2): Mend and heal abilities heal for 10% more than before.
  • Mental Recouperation: Compeletly refresh your mental action pool.
  • Mind Reader (Psi3): +1 Charm
  • Intuition (Psi1): You feel more in-tune with your surroundings during combat (+20% attack chance).
  • Focused: Your mental pool is three ranks higher.
  • Premonition: You feel more in-tune with your surroundings during combat (+15% defense chance).
  • Salesman (Thi3): Items sold to vendors give you 10% to 40% more money.
  • Ectom (Psi1, Med5): Adds access to the 'ectom' ability which can be used to clear experience point debt.
  • Unnatural Intellect (Psi3): +1 Intelligence

Cybernetics[ ]

Replacing biological weakness with mechanical advantage, you strive to become more of a machine.

  • Efficiency Modulator (Cyb5): 20% reduction in all cooldown times.
  • Multivision (Cyb1): Your optical organs allow you to see in the dark.
  • Prosthetic Actuator: +1 Reflexes
  • Epidermal Armor (Cyb2): Bonus to damage absorption (+10% damage absorbed)
  • Razor Spurs: You attack with razor spurs, attached to your feet, when engaged in hand to hand combat.
  • Kinetic Amplifier (Cyb2, Eng5): It requires much less energy to sustain constant movement. No physical action-point loss when moving outside of the worldmap.
  • Cortex Bomb: You are carrying an internal explosive which detonates when your life signals stop.
  • Metal Skeleton (Cyb4): Your skeletal structure is replaced with a hybrid weave. It is now almost indestructible, halving your chance to take critical hits.
  • Optical Enhancement: +1 Accuracy

Survival[ ]

Not all heroes in the Wasteland change in dramatic ways. Some just get by on pure luck and honed skills.

  • Passive-Aggressive (Sur2): You get the jump on attackers, because of your combat experience. 80% chance of first strike against an attacker.
  • Bigger Bang (Sur2, Eng10): Your planted explosives now deal 3x the damage they normally would.
  • Sharpshooter (Sur1): +5 bonus to firearm damage
  • Bonecrusher (Sur1): +5 bonus to melee damage
  • Shallow Grave (Sur5): 50% reduction in Exp Debt when you die
  • Weapons Expert (Sur3): Reduction in weapon jam (50% chance that weapon does not jam)
  • Pistoleer (Sur5): Time spent with your handgun at close hand has made you somewhat of a master at the fine art of gunfighting. You're a regular old gunslinger, like something out a pulp-story about the Old West.
  • Toughness: Your health pool is three ranks higher.
  • Alpha Male (Sur4): Bonus to leadership
  • Plains Running: Utilizing breathing control, you can run forever without becoming winded. Movement outside of the worldmap, no longer costs you a physical action point.

Pre-Requirements[ ]

Augmentations noted above with a () after the name have pre-requirements. For example, (Sol3, Sur1) means you must have at least 3 levels in the Soldier STEM, and already have one other Survival talent.

  • Sol: Soldier
  • Thi: Thief
  • Eng: Engineer
  • Med: Medic
  • Cyb: Cybernetics
  • Mut: Mutation
  • Psi: Psionics
  • Sur: Survival

Notes[ ]

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