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Abilities are special skill-based commands. Different levels of skill will open up different abilities that a player can have. As certain skills are class specific, it is natural that some abilities are also class specific.

Combat Abilities[ ]

Sneaky Abilties[ ]

  • Conceal: Hiding an object in the room.
  • Escape: Run away immediately from enemies.
  • Project: Fool others in the room by throwing your voice.
  • Sneak: Stealthily move around.

Recovery Abilities[ ]

  • Clot: Reduce or stop bleeding.
  • Diagnose: Tell the exact vital status of your friends and enemies.
  • Detox: Reduce the effects of poison, glow viper poison, or venomspit.
  • Ectom: Reduce Experience Debt caused by dying.
  • Firstaid: Basic healing ability
  • Heal: Advanced healing ability
  • Revive: Ultimate healing ability
  • Restore: Set crippled limbs in order to restore them to working condition.
  • Treat: Intermediate healing ability
  • XRad: Filter out radiation from the body.

Creation Abilities[ ]

  • Build: Assemble electronic items or explosives.
  • Fish: Catching fish.
  • Prime: Set explosives to be ready for detonation.
  • Roll: Rolling cigarettes.
  • Sew: Sew together an item
  • Tan: Tan hides or pelts into leather goods

Survival Abilities[ ]

  • Butcher: Obtain meat from wild animals.
  • Group: Form a party in order to share experience or gain leadership bonuses to experience.
  • Kipup: Spring up from the ground quickly if you have been knocked down.
  • SDAR: Roll on the ground to put out flames if you are on fire.
  • Scan: Observe your surroundings and consider what is in the adjacent areas.
  • Skin: Obtain pelts and furs from wild animals.