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Map of New Nevada

Towns and Cities[ ]

  • Ranger Center - The Ranger Center is the headquarters of the New Nevada Desert Rangers. A sizable community has grown up under the protection of the Desert Rangers, and is vibrant with life.
  • Aequitas - A city by the river, built in the middle of a previous destroyed city, in which the former mutant inhabitants still lurk. It is mostly owned by the Gorchev Syndicate, and they determine the rules that keep this trade city alive and well.
  • Quartz - A small town that looks as if it's ready to collapse, yet has not due to the importance of its location. Ugly's gang still roam the streets, menacing the public and soliciting leers all around.
  • Needles - A half destroyed city that used to be of prominence in the past, but is a shell of its past. The continuing activities of the Badland Originals prevents any major rebuilding in the city; nevertheless it is host to the Nevada Medical Association.
  • Darwin - A military base with a dark past, known for its dark and dangerous research laboratories.
  • Savage Village - A small primitive village built completely out of junk.
  • Los Restos - A small fishing town on the west coast, laid back and easy. It has a church of blood for some reason...
  • Las Vegas - The diamond of the desert, the largest city in the wastes, but currently it's borders are closed due to gang warfare.
  • Mekanika - A town that grew up around the Sinetek Weapons Corporation, and now houses the brightest (and maddest) minds in the wastes, and the Mekanika University.

Beginner Level (Newbie) Areas[ ]

  • Rat Warren - [ATL 1-4]: A dark sinkhole to explore.
  • Agricultural Center - [ATL 1-6]: What used to be a high-tech farmland has now turned to low-tech solutions. It has a pest problem that you can help out with.
  • Hiver Encampment - [ATL 1-8]: Reports of strange humanoid creatures attacking caravans in the mountains up north have been surfacing recently. Located Northeast from AIM HQ.
  • Anthole - [ATL 1-8]: A deep sinkhole reputedly infested with ants. Professor Callinan from Mekanika University is studying these creatures. Located south of Quartz.

Low Level Areas[ ]

  • Camp Highpool - [ATL 3-7]: A burnt-down encampment close to the Ranger Center.
  • Sand Dunes - [ATL 4-8]: Shifting sand dunes that are home to all sorts of flora and fauna. Located South of Ground Zero.
  • Savage Village - [ATL 4-10]: A township that bands together in times of need. Located Southeast from the Tribe of the Scorched Earth.
  • Quartz - [ATL 4-15]: A town full of angry gangs and aggressive people.
  • LMC Barge - [ATL 6-9]: A barge transporting goods from the LMC camp has beached itself along the Colorado River.
  • Las Vegas Mining Camp - [ATL 8-10]: A mining camp set up by the Las Vegas Mining Company, digging for iron ore, mostly.

Mid Level Areas[ ]

  • Needles - [ATL 8-14]: A broken and desolate town, home to both Ground Zero and the NMA.
  • Phoenix Ruins - [ATL 10-13]: Mostly desolate but still has its dangers.
  • Iron Springs - [ATL 10-15]: Site of a slaver outpost. Multiple mobs band together here, so it's best to go in with a party.
  • Forest of Greenhorne - [ATL 13-18]: A dark forest that had been guarded by the Tribe of the Scorched Earth for a very long time now.

High Level Areas[ ]

  • Grassy Hillock - [ATL 20-25]: A small grassy hillock of pine trees to the distant southeast of Los Restos. It's rumoured to be the home of terrifying mutants.
  • Darwin - [ATL 20-25]: Thugs and Police in Darwin are very tough, and very angry.
  • Quartz Sewers - [ATL 25-30]: You really shouldn't venture down here.