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This page is a list of creator (or administrator) only commands. If you are a player, you cannot use these commands. You probably want Player Commands.

Basic Creator Commands[ ]

  • I <whatever I did> - creates an entry to the didlog
  • didlog X - stuff creators have did today, number will show X days in the past
  • clone - make an item
  • dest - destroy an item
  • clean - clear room of objects
  • goto - go to object
  • wizz - go to the wiz room
  • home - transport self to /wiz/name/workroom.c
  • trans - transport someone to me
  • mheal - fully heal creator (or specified target), and remove cripples and drug afflictions
  • halt - stop combat in room
  • where - check who is playing, and what room they're in
  • wscan - scan the environment (or a target, if specified) for objects
  • review - give a review of messages a creator has
  • xyzzy - xyzzy
  • maxskills - word!

Filesystem Commands[ ]

  • ls - list the contents of a directory
  • cd - change directory, defaulting to /wiz/wizardname/
  • rm <file> - delete a file, while in the mud
  • mkdir <dir> - make a directory
  • rmdir <dir> - remove an empty directory
  • mv <source> <destination> - move a file from source to destination
  • cp <source> <destination> - copy a file from source to destination

Room Making/Editing Commands[ ]

  • short here <str> - set the brief of the room as str
  • long - enter into editing mode for the long of the room
  • cexit <str> - create an exit, str, of the room. if str is a direction (nsew), it will be direction. if room is nonexistent will create a new room in the same directory. if the direction already exists it will close the direction
  • additem <str> desc - add a fake item str into the room for a person to look at, with description desc
  • seticon <str> - set the room icon to str
  • area <str> - set the room area to str
  • setlisten <str> - set the listen of a room to str
  • setsmell <str> - set the smell of a room to str
  • typofix word fix - replace all occurrences of word with fix
  • ceiling <on|off> - toggle indoor/outdoor

Roleplay Commands[ ]

  • ooc - Out of Character (OOC) say -- encourage players to use it
  • awardrp - award rp points to someone for role playing, either a minor reward (1 point) or a major reward (5 points)
  • dockrp - dock rp points, for either being an idoit or for when points are spent on something
  • awardexp - award experience for quest completion (or roleplay)
  • dockexp - dock experience for being a moron