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A category for summarizing all the game play elements of Desolation. All these subjects are quite important to understand how the game works. The most important subjects to read are:

  • Statistics: The six basic stats of your character which can make or break your build.
  • STEM: The Soldier/Thief/Engineer/Medic Multiclass system.
  • Vitals: The three main vitality points that your character uses: health, mental, and physical.
  • Combat: How to fuck shit up.
  • Levelling: How to level up in the game.
  • Death: What happens upon the death of your character.

Other important things to read are:

  • Skills: The skills that will govern your character's efficiency.
  • Abilities: Abilities opened to you when you advance in skill.
  • Commands: Other Commands that will assist you in navigating the game.
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