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This file covers conversation options that can go into a creatures setup.

set_hello[ ]

This call happens when a creature first greets the player. arg can be either a string or a function pointer.

 set_hello(mixed arg);

set_start[ ]

This sets the dialog start options that a player can begin to talk to a NPC about.

 set_start( ({ "lumps", "roulette", "test" }) );

set_responses[ ]

In the example below, the "roulette" triggers a pre-made function, which returns the string that the NPC will say or do.

In "lumps", notice that the response is also an array. It delivers the first string and then runs the function in the second argument.

In "test", the first portion is the message. The second portion (following the @@) is the list of conversation options to add. A "-" means to not add any conversation options. The final portion is the list of conversation options to close to the player. If the final portion is "BYE" (case sensitive), all options are removed.

   set_responses( ([
       "roulette" : ({ (: attack_random() :) }),
           "lumps" : ({ "NO MORE COMBAT TEST!  DIE #@$#@ER!", (: AttackPerson :) }),
           "test" : "Yeah. Bye.  Whatever@@-@@BYE"
   ]) );

Selling items through dialog.[ ]

The function add_dialog_sell allows your NPCs to sell items easily through dialog. The first argument is the set_response tag to respond to, the mapping after it has the following REQUIRED arguments:

  • item is the item that is created.
  • cost is the price to sell it for.
  • poor is the action returned when PC can't afford the cost.
  • give is the targetted_action when PC can carry the item and recieves it
  • drop is the targetted_action when the PC can't carry the item.
  • done is the action returned after a successful transaction.
           "item"  : "/wiz/lucus/areas/leone/gear/beverages/chongo_beer_bottle",
           "cost"  : 9.50,
           "poor"  : "We don't take credit pal. If you wanna drink, you have to pay.@@-@@BYE",
           "give"  : "$N $vpull a bottle of Chongo Beer from under the bar and hands it to $t.",
           "drop"  : "$N $vpull a bottle of Chongo Beer from under the bar and sets it on the counter in front of you.",
           "done"  : "@@-@@BYE"