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Okay at the moment of this writing, this is still undergoing work But I just want to lay down some guide lines on being a wizard. And these are open to suggestion as well. I aint no dictator... that's Squid's job ;) I know this seems a bit long, but I figured I should explain what I (at least) would like to see.

1. No doing favors for players.
This consists mainly of:

  • No giving equipment to players, unless they had it already and lost it or it's an RP reward
  • No selling them equipment either.
  • Healing them, unless you incurred the damage on them accidentally
  • Altering their stats
  • Giving them items that they haven't lost through a crash or somethin
  • Transporting someplace upon request, unless there is no way out of the area for them

2. All items must be passed through the new_gear directory and into gear before being put 'on the market' This is more for balance issues then anything. Be sure to put the item into the correct subfolder in new_gear.

3. Take a look at the mercenary base (/domains/merc-base/) and the includes for areas (/domains/area-inherits/) to see how you should build your rooms. The areas should be made in your folders first in a subdirectory (like /wiz/arkandor/s-mart) and put over to /domains/ when it's finished, the include makes this easier, you only need to change one file instead of hundreds.