Current Projects

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Here is a listing of all ongoing projects which are yet to be released into the wastelands.

Aequitas[ ]

Aequitas is still in progress, but a good deal of work and planning has already been done.

Creators: Viktor, Brennan, Kurtz

Las Vegas[ ]

Las Vegas roads and some buildings has been put in but due to the immense size of the city progress it not to be made until perhaps 2030.

Creators: Everyone

Highpool[ ]

The burnt and gutted out village of Highpool is to be rebuilt by the Ranger Corps of Engineers.

Creators: Kurtz

Oil Tanker[ ]

A mysterious Oil Tanker ran aground many years ago on the Dark Coast.

Creators: Brennan

Quartz[ ]

The current Quartz is only filler material for a bigger scope of things. The new Quartz is nothing short of awesome.

Creators: Mercy

Needles[ ]

The current Needles is lacking and needs more work.

Creators: Lucus, Brennan

Eltain[ ]

Somewhat active city along the west coast.

Craetors: Calvin, Zengel