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Plagarised unwholesomely from ZorkMUD.

Following are the possible punishments established on Desolation, in order of severity. Any reports of violation of the established rules, whether it by players or by creators, are will be dealt with by the staff of Desolation, in a swift and severe fashion. All decisions of the admin are final.

A note though, we are not sadistic people. We really do this for nothing but your enjoyment and because we enjoy it. We would certainly be overjoyed if there were never any need to punish anybody, but our experience with other muds and human behavior in general suggests that it will happen. And we have found that when a player knows that what he or she has done is explicitly forbidden for the good of the game, that it is much easier for them to accept the consequences of their actions, and for them to avoid trouble.

(See "help rules" for an explanation of the rules)

Typical Punishments on Desolation[ ]

  • One warning against such actions, after which more severe tactics will be implemented. Note: You are *not* entitled to a warning. In cases of particularly severe offenses or cases where it must have been obvious to you what you were doing was wrong (blatant sexual harrassment, for example) harsher penalties may be enforced for a first offence.
  • Character punishments may take various forms, temporary or permanent.
  • Muting takes away the character's right to interact with the rest of the MUD through regular channels or even through tells. However the character still has the right to talk as per normal in rooms.
  • Character destruction, more commonly known as "dest-ing", in which the current copy of the offending character is instantaneously destroyed, yet your ability to log in again, and use your character as it was last saved is not affected.
  • Character banishment, also known as "nuke-ing," or "ridding," may be employed in extreme cases, so that the offending character is dested, and erased from all files, as if he/she never had existed.
  • Controlling a site. If many "problem-characters," start springing up from one single site, or internet connection, and we are unable to convince the offending individuals to cease and desist then any new characters logging in from your site may be required to e-mail the admin of Desolation in order to get a character.
  • Site Banishment. Perhaps the most severe form of punishment, may be used as a near last resort. It means that all users from your entire site or internet connection will be banned forever from connecting to Desolation. If this happens, one player may have "fucked it" for hundreds or thousands of potential players in the future. It is truly sad when we have to do this, as our experience is that there are always some 'good' players along with the bad. If you do this to your site, your peers will not be at all please in "real life."