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(this is from the old lima docs)

 We accept code donations :-).  Several people have
 contributed code so far that will be incorporated into
 the next release of the lib.  If you have something that
 you feel would make sense in the general release, or that
 you feel some other people might be interested in using:
 (1) ftp it to
 (2) on Lima Bean, it should appear in the /ftp directory.  Move
     it to a directory called /open/yourname, creating that directory
     if necessary
 (3) post a news message to lima.contrib, with a summary of what it
     does, where it can be found, etc
 Any code donated will become "owned" by the Lima team,
 insofar as you relenquish a say in its usage, distribution,
 derived works, etc.
 Your code WILL remain attributed to you, though.  We will
 not "steal" the code.