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"Commencing shock therapy." - Tesla Trooper, Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

Shorthand for "Electro-Convulsive Therapy over Mindwave". A potent ability only usable by trained medical psionics. The practitioner unleashes a powerful focused electrical charge to his or her own mind, or the mind of a friend, obliterating all those nasty bad thoughts, and leaving behind a quiet confused tranquility. This also removes experience debt from your target.

Requirements[ ]

  • Must have the Ectom psionic augmentation.
  • Must be at full Mental Action points.
  • Target must not be in combat.
  • Target must have some experience debt.

Effects[ ]

  • Removes (Your ATL/4.0)% exp penalty from your target. (At ATL 40 this is 10%, completely erasing the harshest exp penalty someone can earn.)
  • Reusable on a 8 hour timer.
  • Leaves you at 0 Mental Action points.
  • Leaves your target (if another player) at 0 Mental Action points.
  • Leaves your target (or yourself) prone.
  • If used on another player, gives you a handful of exp points according to their level.

Usage[ ]

ectom <target>