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If there is one thing that Desolation is known for, it is for the massive amount of weapons and armor that we have amassed over the years. Equipment is largely divided into three types of equipment: Weapons, Armor, and Bags. For the most part, this guide will be talking about weapons and armor.

Below is a number of frequently asked questions regarding equipment.

Obtaining Equipment[ ]

This is a no-brainer. Equipment can be obtained in four broad ways:

  • Purchasing from vendor
  • Dropped from mobs
  • Trade with other players
  • Manufacture it yourself

Levels[ ]

The most important characteristic of equipment is its level. Just like players, weapons have levels, and this directly affects their rating.

The level affects the quality of the equipment. The rule of thumb is that the higher the weapon level, the more effective the piece of equipment will be. The effects of the rating is as follows:

  • Weapons: Increase in level will increase base damage
  • Armor: Increase in level will decrease damage taken
  • Bags: Increase in level will increase bag carry capacity

Of course, the higher the level the equipment is, the more expensive the equipment. You can bet your ass that a level 40 equipment will cost a pretty penny. Conversely, an equipment with a low level will mean that it's cheap. It also means that it's ineffective. So a level 1 laser rifle, even though it's a laser rifle, probably means that it's broken, the capacitors are shot, and its wires are hanging out.

The level of a piece of equipment does NOT affect your ability to use that equipment. Therefore it is possible to wield a level 40 assault rifle while you are still level 1.

Upgrading[ ]

Equipment is not limited to its level. The equipment's rating can be increased by upgrading it. However, there are two things to keep in mind: equipment rarity and equipment max level.

The equipment's rarity directly affects how much it would cost to upgrade the piece of equipment. The more rare it is, the more likely it is to cost a lot more. That being said, it would make sense to get a common piece of equipment and upgrade it, right? Wrong again. The more common something is, the more likely it is to have a level cap.

To have a decent idea of how the rarity and max levels of equipment are like, have a look at the Rarity and Max Level page.

Skills used[ ]

To make the most out of your equipment you have to train using them. All equipment have a skill attached to it that will determine how good you are at using them. For example, a pistol uses the Small Arms skill, while Combat Armor MkII uses the Medium Armor skill. Wearing and wielding equipment and using them in combat will raise the skill used by these items, and thereby make you more proficient in their use.

To find out what kind of skill the equipment uses, use the consider command onto your piece of equipment.

Bonuses[ ]

Some equipment have stat bonuses attached to them when you wear or wield them. For example, most sniper rifles have a bonus of +1 ACC. Most bows have a bonus of +1 CHA. These bonuses do not increase when you upgrade the equipment's rating. You can however, bet your ass that they'll be either really rare or fuckton expensive.

Other Common Questions[ ]

  • You can look at the description of a piece of equipment in a shop and figure out what kind of skills and armor slots it uses by using the ask command. Syntax: ask <who> about <number>.
  • You can ask vendors about how much money they would buy a piece of equipment off you by using the offer command. Syntax: offer <item>
  • You can retain a piece of equipment from being accidentally sold by using the retain command. Syntax: retain <item>
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