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Hell Yes Desolation!
EARTH, 1998:
Diplomatic solutions to the world's problems
fail and war erupts as some madmen press ahead
with their insane plans.

EARTH, 2087:
High concentrations of radiation
produce radiation storms and mutations.
Somehow life continues in the wasteland!

Based on Wasteland! - By Interplay/Electronic Arts.

M: Desolation contains violence, language and textual themes
that are not suitable for individuals under 17 years of age.


Desolation is a text-based multi-player game (formally known as a MUD). It has a post-apocalyptic theme.


  • A small encampment has sprouted up to the northeast of Aequitas, around a large sinkhole.
  • An old ruffian has been hanging out by the pool at the Stagecoach Inn in Quartz teaching people how to play some new game!
  • Crops all over New Nevada have failed to produce a good harvest this year. With trade to the east halted due to the Legion Army, and little in the way of trade with the north, food is now currently at a shortage. Raiding is at an all time high, and even some Sindikat Routes have been hit.
  • Mysterious gentlemen in black suits have been rumoured to be meddling in various village's and town's affairs.

Gameplay News:

  • Old magazines are now longer destroyed when reloading your gun. You now have to throw that $#@! on the ground yourself. They will now ID as full/partial/empty depending on state, and magazines with differing amounts of ammo will no longer stack up in your inventory.
  • New skill Bartering now gives 0% to 25% bonus to money you receive for selling items to vendors.
  • Crafting now gives experience.
  • Skill raises have been tweaked. Give Brennan a buzz if you've got issues.
  • Some more new abilities, mostly for medic. Tripletap, poison, detox, and lethargy.
  • You can now tan hides and pelts into rolls of leather. More crafting to follow.
  • New Grouping rules! Grouping now allowed between people of vastly different ATL. However the experience is distributed with the highest ATL receiving 100% of the divided experience, others receiving less, and getting penalties if their ATL is markedly different.
  • Minimap changed to show connections in remote rooms and players in remote rooms. Report bugs to Squiddy.
  • Bootcamp has been updated and a new quest has been put in.
  • New keepalive command to keep your connection to the mud if you need it! Thanks Mercy.
  • New augmentations added. Mutant: Regeneration, Mutant Strength, Brick Wall Cyborg: Optical Enhancement, Kinetic Amplifier, Efficiency Modulator, Prosthetic Actuator Psionics: Mind Reader, Ectom, Unnatural Intellect, Salesman. See auglist in game for more details.
  • Eat has some more documentation, and hunger decays slower. Squid 16:42, 22 February 2008 (PST)
  • Watch out! Calvin has made the rate of regeneration for health, mental, and physical to grind to a halt if you're hungry! Start buying and eating food, fools!
  • Some bugs with sneak fixed.
  • Some bugs with faction fixed.
  • Skills have been tweaked slightly and you now get more training points when you have a job well done. This means that you should level them up faster, ideally.
  • Healing abilities have been modified and more healing abilities to come! Check out medical science.
  • Healing abilities now earn healers experience points.
  • Surprisingly enough some mobs out there can now use combat abilities against you! Watch out!
  • You now require to learn how an item is built through recipes that you have to read first.
  • New assist command for parties! Attack whatever your leader's attacking!
  • Brennan and Calvin have tweaked combat... a little. Okay. They rewrote the damage calculations from scratch. But now you should be able to see marked differences in combat! Check it out! Banzai!
  • Brand new combat moves! Check out impale, doubletap, pointblank, aimshot, swiftstrikes, assassinstrike, and backstab!


  • Discussions required: Extra attacks. This is sort of fun, so please comment.
  • Discussions required: Eating. This is important, y'all.

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