Message Boards

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Message Boards are a feature of Desolation, scattered in-game around the world. Boards allow people to communicate with the public at large, by making announcements and posting notices which anyone who can find the board can read.

Message Boards in popular zones are a great way to communicate your in character (roleplaying) intentions, as you write your post as your character. Examples of this can be seen on the Ranger Center board, with older Ground Zero posts being prime examples of how to avoid making yourself look stupid.

The content of message boards is linked to newsgroups which the omniscient creators have access to. So no spam people, and keep the non-Roleplay content off the In Character boards.

Commands that can be used in conjunction with the message boards are as follows:


 look board              - describes the board and lists all the messages on it
 read <#> on board       - reads note number #
 note <header> on board  - adds a note entitled <header> on the board, you will be prompted for the body of the message when you press enter