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As a reward for all your Role Playing, we give you the chance to create your own, personalized item. After all, you earned it. The item you request may be something new, and original, or a specialized version of an item you already own.

Below we have listed all the available options for request, as well as a more detailed description on what the item is, and how much it will cost you. If you have any suggestions for a category that isn't on the list, tell us about it, and we will consider it.

Keep one thing in mind, before you make your request. These items are here to help enhance Role Playing. Before you ask for an item, be sure to give some thought to why your character has this item. How you came to have the item, and why it is important to you. Did you make the item yourself, or did a friend give it to you? "Just happening to find it" is a lame story, so use your imagination on it. Some rewards, like the car, will require a written, or ICly acted out explanation for the item.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! : The item you want is the item you'll get, as long as it be within reason. If for any reason, you don't like your item, tell us, and we will change it, or refund you your points.

Post-mortem Point Exchange : If your character dies in RP, we will transfer them to your new character. Have no fear in killing off your character for RP purposes, we got you covered.

Superficial Item Mod[ ]

  • RP: 2-5 points, depending on the modification.

You can get reasonable item modifications now for 2-5 RP points, as the wizard sees fit. These must be reasonable, superficial customizations of existing items (that you must have already) and it can't be a whole new item. Example: you have a shirt, but want it to be a real <band> shirt, it'll cost you a whole new shirt. But if you just want to paint a symbol on it, 2 points. If you want to carve your name into the stock of a rifle, 3 points, but, changing the model/caliber would be a whole new rifle. Also, additions like a scope to a rifle, a threaded barrel or a suppresser to a pistol, anything like that counts as a new weapon. A bigger mod like painting a suit of armor black and then adding red designs over it would be 4 or 5 points. It is preferred that you have an RP log to go with it. An RP log may result in a lower price than normal.

Misc. Junk RP[ ]

  • RP: 5 Points.

Miscellaneous Junk items are any item which adds spice or flavor to your character. Your favorite food, or drink, personal item given to you by a loved one, clothing, a tattoo, or piercing. Anything that serves no purpose other then to look cool falls into this category. Also, items that serve a small purpose, such as an item that has a basic function included in another game item, is permitted for a misc. item.

Custom Title[ ]

  • RP: 2 points (without color).
  • RP: 6 points (with color).

Custom Titles serve as a replacement for your basic guild rank. Your title should be unique, and say something about you, whether it's your job, your mood, or your reputation. Your title must also be in theme, and appropriate for your character. If you already have a custom title, color may be added to it for an additional 4 points. Once you have a custom title added, you can use the "titles" command to switch between any of your custom titles and your default rank title.

Container Items[ ]

  • RP: 5 Points
  • RP: 1 Point per 3 additional slots
  • RP: 3 Points for 10 additional slots

The "Container Items" category includes bags as well as clothes which have large pockets in them. A custom-made container item will have initially 15 inventory slots, a custom description of your own design, and a large maximum capacity. Additional slot space can be purchasable up to a maximum of 50 slots on a single item. You are also allowed to spend 1 point for 3 additional slots to modify an existing container item.

Appointment with Viktor Gorchev[ ]

  • RP: 5 Points

As Viktor Gorchev is a very important man in the wastes, his time is very precious. For 5 RP points you are allowed to meet him for 30 minutes. Your safety is not guaranteed in this appointment.

Melee Weapons[ ]

  • RP: 10 points.

The "Melee Weapon" category includes any weapon held in one or two hands, which is used in hand to hand combat. Examples include a crowbar, a police baton, or a cattle prod. Your weapon may or may not use an energy pack, depending on if it requires power.

Small Guns[ ]

  • RP: 20 points.

The "Small Guns" category includes mostly small caliber semiautomatic weapons, such as revolvers, semi-auto pistols, and also less powerful, normal rifles (ie. no assault or sniper rifles), etc. Small Guns will have the option to use a magazine, clip, or not. Ammo capacity will be realistic to the gun, and ammo type should be something realistic and sensible. Keep in mind, if the ammo type you request is pretty large caliber, your weapon may be considered a "Medium" or even "Big" gun. Your gun description should be as accurate and realistic as possible.

Medium Guns[ ]

  • RP: 30 points.

The "Medium Guns" category includes mostly small caliber automatic weapons, such as submachine guns and firearms with a burst setting. This also includes more powerful caliber rifles and most sniper rifles. Sniper rifles that use powerful rounds like .338 Lupua and .50 BMG would be 'Big Guns'. Medium Guns will have the option to use a magazine, clip, or not. Ammo capacity will be realistic to the gun, and ammo type should be something realistic and sensible. Keep in mind, if the ammo type you request is pretty large caliber, your weapon may be considered a "Big" gun. Your gun description should be as accurate and realistic as possible.

Big Guns[ ]

  • RP: 40 points.

"Big Guns" are considered any large caliber and/or fully-automatic weapon. Examples would be large caliber sniper rifles or assault rifles. Please note that you may not request an energy weapon. Guns have the option of using a magazine or clip. As with the other categories ammo capacity will be realistic with the type of gun, and ammo type will be taken into consideration. Your gun description should be as accurate and realistic as possible.

Armor[ ]

  • RP: ~10 (light)
  • RP: ~20 (medium)
  • RP: ~30 (heavy)

Armor is any defensive covering, made of metal, wood, leather, kevlar, or other material, worn to protect the body against weapons. The armor can cover the torso, legs, arms, hands, feet, head, or full body. Examples of these are: leather vest, metal thigh plates, arm bracers, heavy gloves or gauntlets, combat boots, a kevlar helmet, or a suit of combat armor. Armor class requested for item, and type of material for armor will be considered, and if deemed inappropriate, will need to be changed. Also, area the armor covers should be realistic. A helmet isn't going to cover full body. If the armor in question is small in size, (eg, just bracers or just a helmet), a creator may lower the point cost in total.

Your Own Room[ ]

  • RP: 50 points + RP log.

Stop living on the streets, and in the gutter. Move it on up, to the east side, with Your Own Room. If you can get the points to afford a room, you can make it any way you like, and have anything you want to accessorize it, within reason. A bed, a poster, or your own locker to store items in, for example. Your room must be on theme with the area it is located in, such as a run down apartment in Quartz, or a junk hut in the Savage Village. Furthermore, you may not room-mate with another player. Your room is your room, no one else's. If they want a room, and their own stuff, they have to get their own room. Whatever you choose to do with your room, make your room an extension of your character, make it a part of you. A written explanation or ICly acted out log of how you earned or received your room will be required.

Public Room[ ]

  • RP: 50 points + RP log.

Players can create their own "public" rooms. The rooms will still cost 50 RP points, but these points can be shared among any number of players. 5 players would each pay 10 points each. A log is also required, and any money spent to purchase the room is required. The room can be a store, but for the time being, can not have an NPC vendor. Money can be earned from these rooms through RP with real players.

Your Own Vehicle[ ]

  • RP: 50 points + RP log.

Why walk, when you can coast across the sands in Your Own Vehicle. Every vehicle requested comes with trunk space, to store items in. Your vehicle can be anything from a car, to a go-cart, and most everything in-between, including bicycles, motorcycles, and four wheelers. Don't just have a plain red car, spice up the exterior with bone decoration, or a cow hide interior. Use your imagination, and be creative. Your vehicle will have to be within reason, on how it came to be, and how you got it running again. A written explanation or ICly acted out log of how you came to own the vehicle will be required before you receive the item. Also the type must be sensible. A Vertibird or a Tank are not sensible.