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Triggers & Macros[ ]

Many modern MUD clients have the ability for you to do some pretty complex scripting. While we like to encourage people to develop their programming skills, we would like you to be at the keyboard while you are playing the game. When in doubt, please ask a creator or administrator about what you are trying to do, and if it's acceptable.

Generally speaking, it is acceptable to use the server-side alias command to string commands together into one macro for the purpose of traveling or performing semi-complicated actions such as getting an item out of a bag and using it. Triggers are more heavily discouraged. A trigger is anything on the client-side which automatically performs an action when a certain text-event occurs, such as standing up automatically when you are knocked down, or automatically fish for you. - BAD. Some triggers are acceptable: for example a trigger that keeps you connected to the game by periodically typing 'look' is perfectly fine.

Multiplay, aka only one character on at a time[ ]

We don't care if you have multiple characters made, we just ask that you don't have them all on at once. By ask, we mean don't have them on at once.

We generally follow the rule only one character per IP, because we cannot be sure if you and your pal really are on a network or not. Be aware of this. If we ask one of your characters to log off, do not fight, it is because both have the same IP and there's no way for us to know if you really are on a LAN together.

If you and a few friends are on a network, and all want to play at the same time, please log on with only one character and talk to an admin to see if it's ok. They might be okay with it, they might not be. If they aren't, please understand.

Do Not Transfer Gear Between Alts[ ]

Do not transfer money or gear between your alts. If we catch you, it is likely that you will lose all gear that you transferred, and possibly all your gear.

Do NOT Exploit Bugs[ ]

We hate bugs. We also hate when people find, and exploit them without telling us. If you do find a bug, please report it to us. You can report them with the bug command. If you find a typo, you can report that too with the typo command.

Help the Newbies[ ]

You were a Newbie once too. Help them out a little, so they can be as smart as you are. Oh? You're saying you were treated like crap as a Newbie? Well pretend you weren't. Helping newbies does not mean 'twinking' them out. Know that whole "teach a man to fish" thing? "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." Keep that in mind with helping newbies. See below about twinking.

Do Not Twink[ ]

Twinking is basically providing a character (your own or those of others) with gear (including money) they would not normally be able to achieve at their level. It's fine to help newbies a bit by giving them some cash, maybe a knife or a pistol, but do not give them 10,000 dollars and an assault rifle. It doesn't matter if the character is your best friend, significant other, whatever; don't do it.

Leave Invisible Wizards Alone[ ]

It's true, wizards can go invisible, and there are ways to detect these invisible wizards. Keep in mind, wizards have reasons why they are invisible. Often times, it's to avoid pesky players. It is not proper for one to search out these wizards, trying to figure out who they are. You should not try to talk to them or interact with them unless they talk to you first. Bugging them while they are invis does not show them any respect. Just leave them alone. Vik would also like to be left alone while he's visible as well.

Fallout?[ ]

No. This is not Fallout.

Please Spell Properly[ ]

We aren't asking for perfect spelling or perfect grammar, but at least a good attempt. A typo here and there isn't a problem; everybody does it. The problem is when every other word you type is a typo. Also, lack of punctuation and capitalization is a problem. Excessive punctuation is annoying.

Another huge, very annoying problem is what some people refer to as 'Internet shorthand' or 'Internet slang'. This includes using 'ur' in place of 'your', 'u' in place of 'you', 'thx' in place of 'thanks', '2' in place of 'to', etc.. That doesn't fly here. Please avoid it at all costs. Don't dare do it in an RP. Repeated use of 'Internet shorthand/slang' after being warned will result in constant abuse. Just don't do it.

RP Rules[ ]

For rules regarding role-playing on Desolation see RP Rules.

Player Abuse[ ]

Don't Act Like An Idiot, And You Probably Won't Be Abused

As it says on the side bar, Desolation is not a Newbie-friendly MUD. This is because a lot of newbies can be complete idiots, and after years of dealing with idiots, the staff is tired of it. Try to be intelligent, try to type well, and you should be OK. It's also a really really bad idea to insult any member of the staff.

What To Do If You Are Being Abused By Wizard[ ]

If you are being abused and feel it is wrong, you can always report the abusive wizard to an admin. An admin will do as they see fit. It is a good idea to log what happened, including your own part. It doesn't look good on you if we find that your log is incomplete, right? It also looks really bad if it's completely made up.

What To Do If You Are Being Abused By Admin[ ]

Well, you may be shit out of luck, but you can try reporting the admin to other admins, and especially the head administrator: Squid.

Sexual Harassment[ ]

There are a lot of lewd statements and jokes made regularly on Desolation. Usually, these are in jest. If somebody targets you, anybody at all, player, wizard, whatever, if they target you and sexually harass you, tell an admin immediately. We will not stand for it. Any player that sexually harasses anybody else will be talked to and banned. Wizards and admin will be dealt with as the staff sees fit.

Channel Spamming[ ]

Please don't spam the chat channels.

Punishment[ ]

People who fail these basic ethics may be subjected to experimental forms of electro-convulsive therapy and/or social ostracizing. Typically you can expect various forms of ejection from the mud, temporary and permanent site-bannings, being muted (unable to speak on chat channels), or loss of creator privileges. Also, doing bad stuff can make people hate you and be mean to you.

Creator Rules[ ]

For rules regarding creators, see Creator Rules