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The skull game is a mini game within Desolation, the participation of does not affect roleplaying whatsoever. It is purely a means to idle away time or participate in Player vs Player (PvP) combat.

Objectives[ ]

To locate the robotic skull and return it to the Keeper at the Cranium Shrine. You and your guild will be given one point per robot skull that you return to the keeper and this record will remain until the game is reset.

The Skull[ ]

The item to be located is a robotic skull which the Keeper desires. The skull will randomly appear in any location or on any mob in the game world at any time. Only one skull will be present in the game at any one time. The skull will remain on or in that location for a certain period of time before vanishing and appearing elsewhere.

Once you have located the skull and picked it up, your position will be revealed to other players. You will also be automatically flagged for PvP combat. If a player kills you when you are carrying the skull, the skull will be transferred to the player that had killed you.

Locating the Skull[ ]

If you give a withered desert flower to the Keeper, the Keeper will announce the location of the skull. The Keeper will announce the location on channel <skull>. To turn this channel on, type:

chan skull /on

Duration of Game[ ]

The skull game will persist for 1 month before being reset.

Current Game Cycle

Prizes[ ]

Although the Keeper gives no prize, Brennan may give prizes from time to time. Prizes are given to the top player only at this point in time.

Top Player  : 10000 experience points and 1000 dollars, reduce debt by 20%, 1x Skull Medal
Second Place: 5000 experience points and 100 dollars, reduce debt by 5%, toilet cake

Winners[ ]

Previous Winners:

September 07 : Top Guild: CIV (27) 1st Taas [CIV](27), 2nd Oura [BAD](15)
October 07 : Top Guild: CIV (30) 1st Taas [CIV](29), 2nd Rust[AIM](13)
15 Nov 07: Top Guild: CIV(27) 1st Taas [CIV] (27), 2nd Keesler [WAR] (21)
1 Dec 07: Top Guild: AIM(38) 1st Bagzton [AIM] (36), 2nd Taas [CIV] (31)
22 Dec 07: Top Guild WAR(13) 1st Keesler [WAR] (13), 2nd Gennady [AIM] (3), Sev [BAD] (3)
30 Jan 08: Top Guild TRB(71) 1st Ironfoot [TRB] (71), 2nd Dirk [CIV] (10)

Lifetime Accomplishments[ ]

Top Ten Players total skulls returned:

1. [TRB] Ironfoot     : 102
2. [CIV] Taas         : 88
3. [AIM] Bagzton      : 36
4. [WAR] Keesler      : 41
5. [BAD] Oura         : 20
6. [AIM] Rust         : 13
7. [BAD] Kabatic      : 7