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Extra Attacks

Currently there are no ways how to get extra attacks. Now I know this doesn't sound fair, because extra attacks are pretty awesome. But keep in mind that extra attacks can be a little bit unbalanced. An extra attack automatically gives a person an extra roll at attacking and another chance to do damage to another person. So, to be honest, I'm not for extra attacks occuring _every combat round_.

However, below is a list of recommendations towards extra attacking.

  1. Skill level - The higher your skill level is, the more extra attacks you get. For example, you get 3 extra attacks should you hit unarmed 300% (to compensate for unarmed low damage); you get 1 extra attack should you get 200% in a melee weapon or ranged weapon.
  2. Dual wielding - Wielding a weapon in your other hand gives you an extra attack; however, because not everyone is ambidextrous, by wielding a weapon in your non-dominant hand, you are only given 30-40% chance of having that extra attack with the weapon in your non-dominant hand. For example, if you are carrying an Uzi 27 in your dominant hand, and a Desert Eagle in your non-dominant hand, you will primarily attack with your Uzi 27, with a 30-40% chance that you will attack with BOTH your Uzi and your Desert Eagle. If this is somehow implemented, it will also have a matching augmentation: Ambidextrous(Sur3), where your chances of attacking with both is increased to 90%.
  3. Special move - A special move causes you to attack several times in succession during your combat round.(eg, doubletap, tripletap, swiftstrikes)
  4. Augmentation - An augmentation increases the number of extra attacks that you have, or increases the frequency of an extra attack(tentacles, bionic warrior)

Feel free to comment.

Brennan 14:15, 10 March 2008 (PDT)