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D.O.W.: Days of War[ ]

1998[ ]

  • March - The United States' Citadel Starstation was to be fully operational this month. However, the Soviet Union begin to speculate that the true purpose of the Starstation would be of military purpose. Mass media results in a series of nations taking sides with either of the two, resulting in a state of uneasy political tension.
  • It can be assumed that the launch date of Citadel was post-poned due to the sudden rise of events.
  • April-May - By this time, most of the nations throughout the world are allied with either the United States or the Soviet Union. Only Switzerland, Sweden, and Ireland continue to declare themselves neutral nations.
  • Unknown - A distress signal is launched by the Citadel station. This broadcast remains unknown but following its launch, a massive destructive event caused every satellite in orbit to be wiped clean off the face of the sky. In the state of panic due to communications loss, both the US and USSR launch their nuclear arsenal skyward. Over 90% of their nukes are set in course of their major cities.
  • At this time, it can be speculated that the allied nations mobilize their arms and join in with this nuclear attack. The destruction caused by this catastrophe results on an astronomical level. Countless, if not more than half, of the entire world population is devastated by this event. Surprisingly, however, several small pockets of civilization remain intact while even others are not aware of this exchange.
  • On the same day of this event, a group of US Engineers in Nevada build transportation bridges over dried river beds. They come across a small federal prison where condemned criminals await their death sentences. When the attacks began, the Engineers released the prisoners into the wastes, where they expected them to die.
  • Unknown - Survivors of the nuclear attacks and nearby survivalist groups take refuge at the complex. During the weeks that follow since the takeover, several attempts are made by the prisoners to reclaim the facility - each successfully repelled. Suspicion follows but during the weeks that proceed, the people gathered develop trust. Thus began the era of the Ranger Center.

E.R.E.: The Era of Rapid Evolution[ ]

  • Unknown - Bunkered bio-engineers in the midwestern US begin work on hardening cellular resistance to radiation. They begin on trying to isolate the genetic segments of Tardigrada micro-organism responsible for their ability to withstand high levels of radiation. A 'smart' virus is engineered which splices in genetic material, rather than replacing it with its own, but political hubris forces an early release of a promising strain. The colony suffers a high mortality rate.
  • Unknown - Plants, micro-organisms and animals began to undergo unusual changes as the Smart Virus slowly spreads across the world. Like a bee carrying pollen from flower to flower, the virus trades genetic material from one species to another. The bio-diversity of the earth errupts overnight as millions of new hybrid species evolve, or are born.

Wasteland[ ]

  • Unknown - During the post-apocalyptic years that follow, technology flourished in secrecy. Experimentations result in the creation of Darwin. Robotics and artificial intelligence studies result in the birth of Base Cochise.
  • Unknown - Survivors from the Ranger Center move on to create outposts and reestablish civilization in the desert, creating Highpool, Quartz, and Needles. Las Vegas survives the nuclear attack, remaining completely intact. It becomes the hive of filth and decay of the post-apoc world.

2081[ ]

  • September 2nd - Viktor Gorchev born in Chicago.

2087[ ]

  • Unknown - Hell Razor, Angela Deth, Thrasher, and Snake Vargas head out into the Nevada desert in search of a series of mysterious events throughout the state. This results in a series of events that would save the fate of mankind, destroy the most dangerous threat since the nuclear war and alter half the state in their wake. The current descendants do not recall any of their names. However, their efforts and the changed wastes left behind in their wake become the stuff of legends.

Pre-Desolation[ ]

  • The Tribe of the Scorched Earth is born when the first Tribal shaman comes across an old bomb that has not been detonated. He realises that this shows that the land is sacred ground.
  • Devil walks the Earth. Flowers die in his wake.
  • A group of mercenaries discover a hidden missile silo left behind during the war. The silo becomes known as the Warrior Silo after the mercs make a career change and become raiders.

2120[ ]

  • Viktor takes on one of the mob families in Chicago, acting on a personal Vendetta. He flees the city after the resulting killing spree, heading west.

Desolation[ ]

Desolation generally starts approximately 50 years after the events of Cochise.

  • General Luthen disappears. General Dagg assumes his place of power.
  • An opportunist, Bitterman, establishes The Pit, the premier place of bloodshed and competition in the wastes. He earns a lot of money from the fights. Characters from all over the wasteland flock to it to participate in it for glory and cash.
  • A crisis arises when Mercenaries from the Association of Irridiated Mercenaries, led by Rynthas Di'Mirkon, Cliff, and Klyde, take over the Ranger Outpost. Crisis was later resolved by paying off the Mercenaries.
  • Colonel Articfox goes missing. Later found to have lost his memory by a hit to the head. Bitterman takes him and turns him into 'The Machine', and he spends a good deal of time with Devil in Ground Zero.
  • General Dagg is cloned again. The clone soon gains reputation as a troublemaker, and Andyc kills it, eventually. Later, the clone's body and Dagg's DNA repository is mysteriously stolen.
  • Colonel Articfox, with Devil's wishes, returns to the Ranger Center, and demands that General Andyc step down. Political squabbling and infighting ensue, and Krogg, Colonel Articfox's personal bodyguard, is killed. See Also: Death of Krogg
  • An invasion force by the USMC comprising of several dozen men and two plasma tanks attack the Ranger Center. General Andy leads the resistance, and with some help from mysterious benefactors, as well as Trujillo and Dozer, and a armed contingent of Spetsnaz, led by Heidern, defeat the enemy, taking heavy losses. See Also: The USMC Invasion
  • Devil goes missing.
  • General Viktor escapes from a USMC Concentration Camp. He is pissed off.
  • Colonel Maynard had been in charge of tracking Devil down. When he was at the scene of a raider attack on the Ranger Outpost, Corporal Stryker killed Maynard, after Maynard had given Stryker a little disrespect. Spike, who had been observing Maynard from afar, flew into a rage. Maynard was the only one capable of tracking down Devil. Furious, the mutant tracked down the fleeing Stryker and snapped him like a little twig.
  • USMC returns in force to the Ranger Center, this time with a larger force and two fusion tanks. Lucus is the man of the day, as he forcefully boards the tank and sets the nuclear self destruct sequence on the tank. Much of the area in front of the Ranger Center is incinerated to a crisp. The radioactive plains makes access into the Ranger Center all but impossible, unless there was plenty of anti-rad meds to go around. See Also: The USMC Invasion
  • In an unexpected gesture of help, Spike, from the Badlanders, brings over supplies and volunteers to help the evacuation. His true intentions are realised when he threatens to blow up the Ranger Center through his 'crates' of supplies. He also threatens to blow up several towns and communities if General Andyc refused to give the Ranger Center up. Without a choice, General Andyc orders evacuation Ranger Center.
  • Re-occupation of the Ranger Center begins after much of the radiation has died down.
  • Devil returns, one year after he had gone missing, but somehow, he seems very different from his former self. General Andyc also reappears from brief disappearance and finally voices his resignation of the Rangers leadership.
  • Reports of a USMC gathering to the far north, being the last, and the bulk of the USMC forces.
  • Appearance of Epitaph, who attempts to kill General Viktor of the Spetsnaz, bringing in a variety of foes.
  • Epitaph appears at the Center and attempts to make Colonel Articfox relinquish power to him. Colonel Articfox goes into mental breakdown, but later denies any allegations that he had passed power to Epitaph.
  • General Viktor decides to make alliances with the Rangers. He makes an impression by landing in a armed chopper in the Ranger Center. Colonel Articfox meets him and sets down several agreements, one of them being to get rid of Epitaph.
  • Krogg is cloned for mysterious reasons. The first reason being that there is much research to be done of him, him being a biproduct of the USMC. He quickly escapes under mysterious circumstances. A hunt to bring him back ends in failure, the subject is quickly written off as missing. See Also: Cloning of Krogg
  • The Ground Zero bar and nightclub's bar area burns down as a result of a large fight between Trujillo and the bounty hunter known as Dray. Trujillo is reported to be dead.
  • Bull, in an act of revenge for Sorlag, challenges Colonel Articfox to a pit fight. Colonel Articfox, who hadn't been fighting in a long time, not only loses to Bull, but also is killed when Bull stabs him repeatedly. The Rangers are leaderless once more. The truce between Rangers and Badlanders finally breaks down.
  • Trujillo returns once more, revealing himself to be not dead after all. Another attempt by Dray to kill him resulted in Ground Zero taking a mortar hit to the roof. The attempt failed, and Dray escaped, with his new partner, Zoe. The Badlanders slowly start repairing their home.
  • Captain Sanguinius Angel of the Alpha Company resumes command of the Rangers for the time being.
  • A large fight started by Jack and Devil at the Ranger Outpost brought up some very strange sights. Large combat droids and a helicopter packing enough firepower to destroy a small army was reported to be seen, and Trujillo, Dray, Zoe, and Rynthas were reported to be involved. Devil is seriously wounded as Kurtz shoots him in the chest, and Kurtz himself loses his left arm on that day.
  • Epitaph suddenly has the ability to teleport from place to place. Many are bewildered, and his own reign of terror begins with his new-found powers.
  • In a one on one hand to hand combat between Epitaph and Viktor, Viktor not only defeats Epitaph, but blows Epitaph's brains out as well. Epitaph explodes in a blaze of fire. His corpse was never found.
  • Viktor begins to change the Spetsnaz into the 'Sindikat', changing from a paramilitary group to a criminal organization. As it grows, it begins to take over the running of several 'criminal' activities.
  • The newly founded Gorchev Syndicate roots itself into a ruined city. Viktor christens the city Aequitas, and from there, the Gorchev Syndicate begins to spread its tendrils.
  • Viktor starts using some of his new-found power to bring the fight to the weakened USMC, acting on behalf of New Nevada(and to get his revenge). Using guerilla tactics against the still superior enemy, the Sindikat troops slowly gain ground.
  • General Sanguinus Angel goes missing. Captain Bryan Drake is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and granted powers to govern the Desert Rangers.
  • Lt Col Bryan Drake tries to sort out the muddle and mess that the previous leaders had left behind.
  • Highpool is burnt down to the ground. The prime suspect in this case is Trujillo, but nobody can prove it, since nobody knows what actually happened. See Also: Highpool Fire
  • Lt Col Bryan Drake gets some previously broken manufacturing units in the Ranger Center basement to start working again, with some assistance from Captain Kurtz.
  • Due to a worsening mental state, Lt Col Bryan Drake hands over command of the Rangers to Captain Rylen Grey.
  • Krogg, the lizard-like mutant, appears at the Ranger Center, and requests the body of the original Krogg. Lieutenant Toyotomi accepts the request, and hands over the remains.
  • Colonel Rylen Grey resigns after a conspiracy to kill him surfaces. Andy, who was already at the Ranger Center at the time, takes over as a steward, and runs an election for a new leader.
  • Gustavo, a candidate in the Ranger election, suddenly attacks Viktor, and ends up losing his one good arm to the Sindikat boss.
  • Gustavo mysteriously dies in the infirmary, after an operation to remove his gangrenous legs.
  • Varion, another candidate for the Ranger election, attempts to bribe the election faveourite, William Kurtz, offering to exchange an officer position for dropping out of the election. Steward-General Andy finds out about this, and challenges Varion to a dual. Andyc promptly defeats Varion, rendering the candidate a cadet.
  • William Kurtz wins the election unanimously, his opponents not receiving a single vote between them, and becomes General of the Desert Rangers.
  • The Gorchev Syndicate purchases the Kinetek Corporation, changing its name to the Sinetek Corporation. It appoints Kay McKenzie as it's new CEO. It slowly establishes a leading share in the distribution and sales of ammunition.
  • Viktor directs some of the Sinetek production capabilities towards providing heavy arms and equipment for the ongoing war with the USMC.
  • After a period of prolonged absence of General Kurtz, Sergeant Billy Bob Caine AKA Armorjerk takes over leadership of the New Nevada Desert Rangers. While apparently having the support of the majority of Rangers, there was no official election, just an unofficial show of hands if anything. A number of Rangers leave because of the questionable nature of Sergeant Billy Bob Caine's actions.
  • Billy Bob Caine AKA Armorjerk radically changes the ranking system of the Desert Rangers, instituting squads ran by squad leaders answerable only to him. Billy Bob Caine himself only goes by the rank of "Leader." Billy Bob Caine also institutes some new uniform regulations.
  • Sindikat troops soundly defeat the by now feeble remains of the USMC after a long war of attrition. New Nevada is safe once more, for now. The remainder of the USMC slowly break up, and although there are splinter groups of the USMC in operation, their strength is nowhere near what they used to be. A majority of the remainder go rogue in order to survive, becoming mercenaries or raiders.
  • Devil sets his sights on No Man's Land to the east. He gathers up a majority of the Badland Originals and sets off with the Badland Original's Trashbike Armada to conquer No Man's Land.
  • The Gorchev Syndicate continues growing at a rapid pace. They now control over 45% of trade routes, competing with the New American Free Trade Association's 20% share. Viktor shows cutting political and economic savvy, and instead of focusing on controlling merely trade routes, he also begins purchasing methods of production. The Gorchev Syndicate trades in weaponry, ammo, medicine, luxury goods, agricultural goods, drugs, and slaves.
  • Due to the protections the Gorchev Syndicate affords to it, the Sinetek Corporation grows into a the forge-town of Mekanika.
  • The Las Vegas families are mysteriously united under the minor Falcone Family.
  • Devil's Badland Originals assault and absorb gangs, raiders, and mercenaries within the Arizona Deadlands. The large combat group is rechristened the Arizona Legion, and continue to push eastwards.
  • Devil reaches Tuba City and sieges it for two months with mortar fire. The town falls and Devil takes over. It is a stepping stone for Devil to take over the Arizona Deadlands.
  • The Arizona Union is formed, a loose association of towns and cities that attempt to fight back the Arizona Legion. They declare war on the Legion. However, they are ineffective, losing ground rapidly against the Legion.
  • The Arizona Legion hits Santa Fe, the largest city in the Arizona Deadlands. They siege the city, but have been unable to break past its massive walls. Devil returns to New Nevada to deal with some unfinished business and for some R&R.
  • Billy Bob Caine evacuates the office of the New Nevada Desert Rangers. Associate Professor Kurtz takes that position up, and once more becomes General Kurtz.