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What is a MUD?[ ]

The acronym stands for "Multi-User-Dungeon". Obviously, unlike most muds, we are 100% dungeon free. However, we'll have plenty of sewer tunnels and mutant infested subterranean bases. In short, a MUD is a text-based virtual world with multiple players. It's similar to zork, or other early Infocom games, but ours has more people, more guns, more insane robots.

When did this place first get set up?[ ]

Squid established Desolation on November 19th, 1998. All hail Squid.

How do I play?[ ]

There is an entire guide explaining that in the How to Play section.

What is "Wasteland"?[ ]

You mean you've never heard of "Wasteland" the single most important CRPG of all time? "Wasteland" was made by the good people at Interplay back on January 27, 1987 for the Apple II. "Wasteland" was later ported to the Commodore 64 platform, and finally ported to IBM computers in 1988. It went on to become the best selling game of 1988.

In "Wasteland" you controlled the Desert Rangers, a happy go lucky band of do-gooders who slaughtered juvies and innocent people in a post WW3 environment. You went through the world, righting wrongs and eventually learning about a robot menace to the north which was planning the complete destruction of mankind. Your goal was to stop these robots at all cost. Many have said that this game has inspired many games that we enjoy today, such as "Fallout", also made by the good people at Interplay.

Where Can I get Wasteland?[ ]

It is highly unlikely for you to find an original copy of the Apple II or Commodore 64 version, but hey, it could happen. Interplay released "Wasteland" in it's 10 Year Anthology collection back in 1995, as well as on their The Ultimate RPG Archives collection in 1998. However, you'll be hard pressed to find either of these on store shelves.

Can you guys give me a copy of "Wasteland"?[ ]

No, but these guys can:

How close to "Wasteland" is Desolation?[ ]

Our mud is not an emulation of "Wasteland", but a continuation. We pick up the story line where "Wasteland" left off. So, unfortunately, no you don't get to nuke Base Cochise, since it's already blown up.

I've found items like Rotgut and Nuka Cola. I thought this was supposed to be based on "Wasteland" not "Fallout"?[ ]

While the story line is Post-WL, the world is inspired from both "Wasteland" and "Fallout" so you may find many items and locations which are related to either of the games. It must be stressed that Desolation is not based on "Fallout", only inspired by it. The storyline from the "Fallout" series does not apply to our own. So we do not have any such thing as the "FEV" virus, super-mutants, or the Brotherhood of Steel, please do not include such elements in your RP or background.

What's the deal with all the factions?[ ]

In Desolation, not only can you play as the Desert Rangers, but you may chose from a wide selection of different factions. Such as the Badland Originals, a gang of outcasts and thugs. Or the Association of Irradiated Mercenaries, a mercenary organization. Each faction with its own story line, and HQ in the world. We expanded the factions beyond the Rangers, because we know it gets lame when every player is the good guy.

Currently the list of factions in the game are the Desert Rangers, Badland Originals, Association of Irradiated Mercenaries, Sindikat, Tribe of the Scorched Earth, Sinetek, Nevada Medical Association, Warriors, and Las Vegas Mining Company.

Great, but how do I join these factions? Do I have to be a certain level?[ ]

You may join a faction at any time, or not join one at all. It is recommended that you join a faction right away, but some people just want to be a loner. Simply talk to the factions recruiting officer, and you're on your way.

How do I train skills? Which skills should I train?[ ]

Located in the headquarters of each faction, is a training facility. Some factions have a training robot or a person who teaches you, some factions have a library. In order to train skills from a robot or person, simply "talk to the person" and chose skills you'd like from the dialogue options.

Further information about skills can be gotten from here.

How do I get a level up?[ ]

Further information about levelling up can be found from here.

Some RP Rewards cost too much, can I barter and give you more $, or split the cost with a friend?[ ]

No, all prices are final, there will be no haggling over the cost of an RP reward.

Don't you hate asking yourself questions so you can add them to the FAQ?[ ]

Yeah. All work and no play make Bitterman something... something...

... Go Crazy?

Why yes, don't mind if I do. MUAHAHAHHAHA! AHHHH!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! HA! HA! HA!

OK, I'm better now, thanks.